Cycling and walking near ‘s-Hertogenbosch

There’s great walking and cycling around Boutique Hotel De Blauwe Pauw. This route map shows the cycling and hiking routes in the immediate surroundings. These are official and well-marked routes that make use of the junction network, so enjoy a care-free day out!

How does the route map work?
The tabs at the top of the map allow you to switch between walking and cycling routes.
Slide the map around and zoom in and out to get a better view of the routes.
The map shows you cycling and walking routes via the junction network in North Brabant
You map out your route by noting down the junction numbers.
If you’re a keen cyclist or walker and visiting North Brabant, you can easily find your way around using the intersection network: a network of beautiful and clearly signposted walking and cycling paths throughout North Brabant. Each intersection is numbered. You can cycle or walk from one intersection to the next, creating your own unique route.
The cycle and walking paths are signposted with the intersection numbers and arrows showing you the way. Getting lost is a thing of the past! Each intersection also has a panel with a map, so you are always free to adjust your route if you wish. The distances between the intersections are also indicated on the signs. And of course the network doesn’t just stop at the province border.

Enjoy the country side of North Brabant!

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